Review: Alphacool Thermal paste linup


Alphacool's thermal paste range:

Alphacool’s new Rise and Apex thermal pastes are supplied in cardboard and plastic packaging. Here, the visual style reflects the new Alphacool product range. Subzero thermal paste is still packaged in the old Alphacool graphic style. Silver just comes in a plastic pouch.

Inside the packaging, we have the thermal paste tube, without instructions or spatula, except for the Subzero, which comes with a spatula.

For the thermal paste tube, we have a black label with the name of the paste and the brand on the back. No visual on the paste level, which is a shame, but the label can be removed quite easily, so it’s not a big problem.

As for the specifications of these thermal pastes, we’re talking about thermal conductivities ranging from 1.7 W/m.K for the silver to 17 W/m.K for the Apex. The most interesting model in terms of performance/price ratio is the Rise at 6 W/m.K. The thermal pastes are fairly fluid, especially the Subzero, which is very liquid. Silver, on the other hand, is very thick, bordering on plaster, with many particles.

Here are the tables of the different thermal pastes tested on our configuration.