Review : Alphacool Eiswolf 2 AIO – 360 mm RTX 4090 TUF


The Eiswolf 2 AIO:

Let’s see what this self-contained liquid cooling system is made of. Here, with this Alphacool Eiswolf 2 AIO – 360mm RTX 4090, you’ve got everything you need, and no additional purchase is necessary. You unpack, dismantle your current cooling system, install the Alphacool kit and enjoy! So let’s take a closer look at the various elements that make up this kit.

The waterblock :

The waterblock that will be fitted to the PCB of our RTX 4090 TUF is an integral model, meaning that all PCB components will be cooled more efficiently, i.e. not just the GPU, but also the memory chips and power supply stages. The nickel-plated copper part is surmounted by a rectangular top in clear acrylic. Alphacool uses new, patented locking screws that are perfectly flush with the surface of the block. The Alphacool logo is positioned in the top left-hand corner. Of course, the O-rings are there to ensure a watertight seal.

The dimensions of the block are 220.90 x 166.60 x 46.10 mm. The inlet/outlet terminals are indistinguishable here, as the pump is installed on the upper part of the block. We’ll come back to its features a little later in the article.

It’s easy to make out the jet plate above the micro fins, which increase the surface area available for dissipation. The waterblock is equipped with an RGB backlight strip to illuminate your block. It features 14 addressable LEDs, meaning that each LED can display a different color. The power plug is a 5v model that you can connect directly to your motherboard.

The aluminum backplate not only stiffens the black PCB, but also optimizes cooling at the rear of the PCB. Alphacool doesn’t seem to have paid any particular attention to the backplate. It’s a shame, and we’d have liked a different finish, especially if the board is positioned horizontally.

The pump:

The pump, located on the top of the block, is a DC-LT 2 model, which, as its name suggests, is an evolution of the first-generation DC-LT. In terms of technical specifications, Alphacool boasts a speed of 2600 RPM and a maximum flow rate of 72 L/h.

The top of the pump, which will be visible when the graphics card is inserted into your motherboard, is marked “GeForce RTX Eiswolf” and is backlit. As you can see, the pump is connected directly to the 360 mm heatsink via 90° rotary unions, making it easy to install in your case. Two cables are available for this pump. The first is a 12-volt cable for powering and controlling the pump, and the second is a 5-volt cable for the RGB backlight. Both are inserted in black heat-shrink tubing.


Alphacool has used a tried-and-tested radiator for its Eiswolf 2 AIO, the 360mm NexXxoS ST30, whose overall dimensions are 395 x 124 x 30 mm. This is a copper model that will offer much better performance than an aluminum version. Most cooling loop radiators sold today are made of copper.

We’ll talk more about this later in the article, but the presence of a filler port means you can upgrade your cooling loop if you wish. This is a very important feature, rarely found on cooling solutions of this type.


Once again, these are Alphacool products, with their 120 mm Aurora Rise Digital RGB with a thickness of 25 mm. Maximum speed is 2500 RPM, static pressure 3.17 mm H2O and airflow 119.8 m³/h. They will need to be connected to your motherboard via the adapter supplied in the bundle.

These fans, thanks to the 4-pin PWM connector, can be regulated via your BIOS according to processor temperature, for example. You can even decide to leave them idle until a certain temperature is reached! The fans feature an anti-vibration rubber pad at the end and an RGB-backlit circle on the front.

Pipes and kit upgradability:

The pipes used for this Alphacool Eiswolf 2 AIO kit are TPV (EPDM/PP), matte black and 50 cm long. These hoses are renowned for their heat resistance and durability.

We were talking about an upgradeable kit, thanks to the two quick-release couplings. By removing these, you can, for example, add a CPU waterblock to your loop, or a kit like the Eisbaer Aurora. When these hoses are detached, they don’t leak, i.e. the liquid remains blocked, but in any case you can check the level and top up if necessary via the radiator cap.