Replay the RTX 40 announcement


The Livestram “Geforce Beyond” should allow the boss of Nvidia to get on stage to launch the RTX 40. The live event should include a full speech by Jensen Huang that could be worth its weight in peanuts. This presentation is done as agreed now for several weeks, as part of the GTC (from 19 to 22 September).

Replay the live presentation of the RTX 40

PC enthusiasts, don’t miss the GeForce Beyond special show! On September 20th, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang will open his GTC 2022 keynote with our latest advances in gaming, creation and graphics technology.

NVIDIA GTC is the world’s leading technology conference, where NVIDIA and its partners demonstrate how NVIDIA technologies are helping to solve the world’s toughest computing, scientific and engineering challenges.

Most likely, this RTX 40 lineup will only include the very high-end versions like the RTX 4090 and 4080 for now.

For many weeks now, information has been filtering out about the next generation as the economic climate in the PC market has cooled considerably. Nvidia’s price positioning will therefore be closely scrutinized.