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Raptor Lake stronger than expected?


One of the latest leaks concerning the future Intel Raptor Lake processors (13th generation) brings us some new details and allows us to have a more precise idea of the potential of these next CPUs. First of all, we start with a certainty (since it is an information communicated by Intel), we will have processors with up to 24 cores: 8x Raptor Cove (high performance) + 16x Gracemont (low power) and 32 threads. This is already a progression compared to Alder Lake. Now, the novelty of this leak concerns the cache. This one would be significantly higher. A priori, each high performance core will have 2 MB of L2 cache (vs. 1.25 MB on Alder Lake) while each cluster of low power cores (4 cores per cluster) has 4 MB (vs. 2 MB).

Raptor Lake Cache CPU-Z
Everything starts from a CPU-Z screen showing (theoretically) the cache of a Raptor Lake

We end up with a total of 32 MB of L2 cache, which added to the 36 MB of L3 cache, allows us to reach 68 MB, 24 MB more than the allocation on the Alder Lake.

Cache and Core: rumors at the center of communication between AMD and Intel

The Intel Raptor Lake line of processors should be launched around the same time as the Ryzen 7000. These rumors and leaks about the cache and the number of cores are not really innocent. They come after a series of leaks showing the potential superiority of the future AMD thanks to their cache. We also had the right to a rumor evoking a number of cores higher than 16 on the Ryzen 7000 in recent days. The game of liar’s poker is launched and we will soon propose a small article to summarize the state of knowledge on these two future generations that will animate the end of the year.

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