Phantom Spirit 120 SE Black: seven heatpipes in a compact dual-tower ventirad!


Thermalright is back with a new aircooling heatsink. It unveils the Phantom Spirit 120 SE Black, an all-black double-tower model that’s perfectly discreet!

Phantom Spirit 120 SE Black: a double-tower heatsink that really packs a punch!

Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120 SE BlackThis heatsink measures 125 (W) x 135 (D) x 154 (H) mm including fans. In terms of weight, the brand’s product sheet mentions 765g for the heatsink and 135g for the fans.

The radiator itself features two stacks of aluminum fins, each crossed by a total of seven 6mm copper heat pipes. These meet at a nickel-plated copper base slightly eccentric to the left, so as not to obstruct the motherboard’s first PCIe slot.

Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120 SE Black


Ventilation is provided by two TL-C12B v2 blowers operating at up to 1500 rpm. At full speed, airflow will be 66.17 CFM, while static pressure will reach 1.53 mmH2O.

As is often the case, compatibility is assured for mainstream platforms. By this we mean mainstream motherboards such as those equipped with socket LGA-1700 or AM5.

For the moment, we don’t know the selling price, but there’s no doubt that it should be very aggressive!

Click here for the Thermalright product sheet!

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