Phantom: an aircooling cooler at Bitspower!


Bitspower known for its products related to the world of watercooling seems to launch into aircooling. For this, the Phantom, an entry-level heatsink, is unveiled by the brand. What do we have on the menu?

Phantom: an aircooling heatsink from a watercooling parts manufacturer!

Bitspower PhantomThe image comes from the account of Linkedin of David Martiez where we can see an aircooling heatsink from Bitspower. However, it’s not a big deal since we’re dealing with something quite simple.

From what we can see, the brand’s heatsink seems to occupy the entry-level segment despite the presence of some small frills. On the structure itself, we have a heatsink with a total of four copper heatpipes of 6 mm each. As you can see on the box in the background, these will come into direct contact with the CPU. Basically, it’s the same principle as on a Hyper 212 by Cooler Master.

The ventilation is provided by a 120mm fan whose characteristics are still unknown. Nevertheless, it offers RGB lighting and silentblocks on its frame to limit vibrations.

Finally, on the top, we can see small caps to hide the end, not always very pretty, of the heat pipes. Similarly, the first fin features a Bitspower logo.

In short, all this makes us say that it is an entry-level model. Moreover, its selling price should not go much beyond 35 euros (our estimate), hopefully.