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Overview: EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G6


Some time ago we introduced you to the HX1000i from Corsair. Today we take a look at the EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G6

. This is a fully modular 80+ Gold certified model. It is the successor to the G3 and G5, and comes from a range that cannot be ignored due to its price and quality of manufacture. As a reminder, this power supply is available at a price of 119.99 € from the EVGA European store. We would like to thank EVGA for the sample proposed for this presentation.

The Evga G6 range:

In the same vein as the G3 and G5 power supplies, EVGA offers us with this G6 series the heart of its range for the general public. The exterior design does not really change, even if we note that black monochrome colors are in the spotlight for this new range. Just like the G5 range, we have the choice between 4 different powers in the catalogue with the 650, 750, 850 and 1000W. The 550W version has therefore been abandoned after the G3 range.


The packaging of this power supply takes up the color codes of the latest EVGA products such as GPUs, acquisition card or even keyboard. On the outside, we find the main product information as well as the fan curves.

Inside, we find two fabric packages, bags containing power supply and cables. And finally screws and manuals.

As far as the warranty is concerned, we are still on a 10 year warranty, which is a guarantee of quality in the power supply business.

Cables and bundle

In terms of accessories, EVGA offers :

  • Multi-language manual
  • Five velcro cables
  • One power tester (to start the power supply without plugging anything in)
  • Four screws for mounting in a case

We now move on to the cables:

  • 1x 61 cm 24-pin ATX connector (one cable)
  • 2x 65 cm 4+4 pin EPS12V connectors (two cables)
  • 2x 77.5 cm long 6+2 pin PCIe duplex connectors (two cables)
  • 2x 77.5 cm PCIe 6+2 pin connectors (two cables)
  • 9x SATA connectors (three cables)
  • 4x Molex connectors (one cable)
  • 1x FFD to Molex adapter

The cables are good and the flat format makes them easy to pass behind the case for the cable management. These are reminiscent of what Seasonic offers on its Prime range. Could it be that the famous manufacturer is hiding behind the design of this G6 range?

The SuperNOVA 750 G6:

Let’s start with the dimensions of this 750 G6, we have here a rather compact power supply with 150mm in width and 140mm in depth for a height of 86mm. Standard dimensions in fact, which will allow it to fit into all cases compatible with the ATX format. Regarding the weight, we are at 1,685g on the scale.

As far as the finish is concerned, we are on a standard assembly, in black painted steel. The top of the power supply is rounded on the edges and we find the fan grill in black brushed metal. The design does not change from the G3 and G5 ranges. The fan is a 135mm fan with 11 blades, which is a lot, but will reduce the noise level by turning slower. The fan is activated at 45% load and switches off below 40%.

The front of the power supply remains very classic. The IEC 14 for connecting the power cord and a power switch are located here. And on the left, there is the switch to activate or not the ECO mode. ECO mode, which, when deactivated, will change the fan curve so that the fan stays on all the time. On the sides of the power supply, you will find the model name on one side and the electrical information on the other.

A word about the electrical part

As for the electrical part, as you can see, this 750 G6 has a single 12V rail. This one displays a maximum current of 62.5A or 750W, which is more than enough to power high-end CPUs coupled with graphics cards up to the RTX 3080.

The other rails on their sides show a current of 24A for the 3.3V and 5V. In terms of combined power, that’s 120W, enough to power all the peripheral parts of the machine: SSD, HDD, USB, etc. We end by mentioning the 0.5A -12V (6W) and 3A 5VsB (15W) rails. Regarding the protections, the brand puts forward all that is necessary with :

  • OVP: Over Voltage Protection
  • OCP: Over Current Protection
  • SCP: Short Circuit Protection
  • UVP: Under Volt Protection
  • Dual OPP: Over Power Protection
  • OTP: Over Temperature Protection

Regarding the Dual OPP specification, this is a dual protection that aims to prevent the system from shutting down in the event of an overpower of less than one millisecond, while offering the same protection beyond that time. This occurs between 125% and 135% overpower, i.e. between 937W and 1012W.

Load test

To test this 750 G6, no oscilloscope or test bench was used, here we tested the power supply with a constant load of one hour on the OCCT software. The configuration used was based on an overclocked Intel core i9 12900KS, an EVGA RTX 2080 Super and an EVGA Z690 DARK K|NGP|N. During this test, the power consumption rose to 680W with 760W at the socket. The power supply remained in temperatures close to ambient in silence. A very good point that EVGA has been used to for a few years on its power supplies.

In short

We are coming to the end of this presentation, and we can say that EVGA offers us with this SuperNOVA 750 G6 an excellent power supply. This one will manage without difficulty to feed powerful configurations with silence.

The positive points are the noise, the flat cables, the compact size and the practical packaging for transport. Then, on the electrical side, the Dual OPP will avoid system shutdowns during heavy loads with recent GPUs. A problem that until now required switching to much more powerful blocks.

No negative points to report for this block that you can find online at less than 120 €.

Thanks again to EVGA!

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