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Nvidia to make gaming announcements


NVIDIA announced today that it will hold a keynote at Computex on May 23.

This green event will give the floor to 6 speakers. Many topics should be discussed and not only related to gaming. However, Jeff Fisher, vice-president of the GeForce division is also expected to speak. Let’s not be too superstitious, Jeff Fisher is the guy who was sent to the box last January to present the RTX 3090 Ti which was supposed to arrive “quickly”.

Nvidia Keynote: new gaming products…or not

The pitch for this conference is simple and nebulous enough for the company to adapt and do everything or its opposite. NVIDIA will ” showcase how AI powers the enterprise data center and the latest products and technologies for gamers and creators.” We believe that on the gaming front, the greens will “adapt” their speech according to the performance of their competitors. For Intel, objectively we don’t know anything. While we thought we would have announcements for Computex, it is now possible that nothing will happen. For AMD on the other hand, Lisa Su should make some announcements about the next CPUs but also maybe about RDNA 3. Depending on all this, Nvidia will probably either make some announcements about these new RTX or a smoke and mirrors contest about some new technologies and other availability improvements.

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