New Inferno GPU at ElmorLabs?


Last year, we already told you about the Inferno prototype from ElmorLabs. Since then, it has been released and is available in the online store for a price of $25. This is the motherboard version but photos posted yesterday by the overclocker Cens let us foresee the arrival of an Inferno GPU model for graphics cards.

As a reminder, this is a thermo-regulated resistor that prevents condensation from forming during cold testing. The module is activated according to the temperature it detects and thus avoids the appearance of condensation by always keeping a minimum temperature. On the GPU version that we discover in photos, there are two modules. The one on the back of the PCB seems to work as explained above.

But we can also see a second module (green) which is affixed to the memory chips. Its role is different but still related to the tests under LN2. On the last generations of GPUs, some memory chips don’t appreciate cold and tend to react badly under liquid nitrogen causing either black screens or the complete “crash” of the configuration. The idea here is to heat the memory chips so that they remain at a positive temperature in order to ensure their proper functioning. Let’s wait and see if these new Inferno tools for GPUs will be available in the next few weeks in Elmor’s store.