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MOD-3 Mini: a micro-ATX open frame case from Jonsbo!


New case at Jonsbo with the MOD-3 Mini, a new reference that plays the originality card. Indeed, the brand does not hesitate to propose us a model for micro-ATX motherboards, an open frame design and an aggressive look!

MOD-3 Mini: not to everyone’s taste?

On the program, the Chinese brand puts forward a case designed to accommodate motherboards in micro-ATX format. The latter is nevertheless quite imposing with dimensions of 251 (W) x 569 (D) x 535 (H) mm. The weight reaches 8.2 kg, justified by the use of thick aluminum reaching up to 1.5 mm and 4 mm tempered glass!

Inside, we find the same state of mind as what Cougar proposed with the Conquer. The motherboard is thus tilted towards the back. Otherwise, as far as size limitations are concerned, we have 165 mm for the CPU cooling unit and 360 mm for the graphics card. Concerning the power supply: 165 mm as well, so not too limiting.

The cooling part is based on two 120 mm slots on the front. At the top, we are on double 120/140 mm. Nevertheless, the brand indicates that an integration of a watercooling radiator in 360 mm remains possible. An error in the technical sheet?

We finish quickly with the storage part which is very limited since we have only one 2.5″/3.5″ slot. The use of a SSD M.2 will be strongly advised.

Unfortunately, no selling price or availability date is known. On the other hand, we know that two colors will be proposed: white and gray.

Go here and here for Jonsbo’s data sheets!

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