MegaMax V2: an 800W block makes its appearance at Zalman!


Not so long ago, we told you about the Zalman MegaMax v2 blocks. At that time there were three blocks with power ratings of 500W, 600W and 700W. Now the series is back in the news with an 800W model.

MegaMax V2: the series welcomes an 800W block!

Zalman MegaMax v2
Image of the 700W model

With this model, the brand still offers us a block intended for the entry-level segment. Indeed, we have a small certification: 80+ Basic and non-modular cables. You will have understood, the goal of the brand is to offer power supplies at a low price.

Internally, we have the same characteristics as the other references in the series. Thus, the PFC is active and offers a power correction factor of 98% and the design is DC-to-DC. Similarly, we have a single 12V rail that displays 60A, or 720W on the 12V rail… Not good.

In terms of electrical protection, we find the OPP, OVP, UVP and SCP. Finally, the cooling is provided by a 120 mm fan with a FDB bearing.

Concerning the connectivity, this 800W version offers the same thing as its 700W counterpart. We will find a single ATX 24 pins and a double EPS12V 4+4 pins for the CPU. The PCIe are four in 6+2 pins. Finally, there are six SATA connectors, four Molex and one Floppy.

This way to the Zalmann datasheet!