Lian Li launches its Edge PSUs!


Lian Li launches its new Edge series of power supplies, which the brand presented at Computex. With this series, the brand offers us power supplies whose connectors are arranged in an unconventional way. In fact, these connectors plug into a protuberance on the rear of the block!

Edge: original Lian Li power supplies!

Lian Li EdgeLian Li is announcing 850W, 1000W and 1300W power supplies. Only the 1000W and 1300W models come in a white version, which will cost around ten euros more.

However, these power supplies are distinguished by the presence of an unconventional slot for their modular connectors. As you can see, a protuberance is present for the connection. This should make the addition of connectors much simpler in a compartmentalized case, where the block is positioned vertically. In a conventional enclosure, however, this would seriously complicate matters.

Lian Li Edge


Otherwise, we’ll mention the presence of a USB 2.0 HUB . The latter will have a use if you collect devices exploiting this connector, and it’s not complicated. An AIO with a screen, a fan controller with management software, etc., and you’ll soon have saturated your motherboard.

In short, these original power supplies are priced at €149.90 for 850W, €189.90 for 1000W and €229.90 for 1300W. The white versions are priced at €199.90 for 1000W and €239.90 for 1300W.

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