Intel stops the Core i9 12900KS


The Core i9 12900KS is about to bow out, as Intel, via a “Product Change Notification”, indicates its intention to shut down the CPU. However, this shutdown will of course take place in several phases.

Core i9 12900KS, the end of an era?

Intel Core i9 12900KS

In its notification, Blue then indicates that it wants to place the CPU under End of Life status. To put it crudely, the intention behind this is to stop production in order to concentrate on more recent products. In this case, the stop concerns processors sold in boxed versions, but also those offered in ” tray ” versions, without OEM packaging.

Intel Core i9 12900KS


Of course, this phase-out will be gradual, as we learn that brand partners will still be able to place orders between now and January 2025. The total shutdown of this processor will take place in July 2025… Just like other blue models. We’re thinking here of entry-level Core i models from the 10th generation. This includes i3 and i5 models, and even pro CPUs with Xeon W-1250s.

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Lastly, the impact of the discontinuation of these chips should be very limited. Our colleagues report that the 10th generation now accounts for just 1% of sales volume, particularly in South Korea. At the same time, this tenth generation was launched in mid-2020.

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