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Intel seeks 600 million in damages from the EU


A few weeks ago, Intel confirmed that it would be setting up operations in Europe, including the construction of a foundry in Germany. A location greatly facilitated by massive European aid financed by taxes paid by citizens of EU member countries …

Intel UE
When Intel comes to Europe, right now it’s all Christmas…

With the EU it’s Christmas every day for Intel

But as we often say in the US, “business is business” and the blue have decided not to let their old story with the European Commission drag on. Let’s remember the story: By decision of May 13, 2009, the European Commission imposed a fine of 1,060 million euros on the microprocessor manufacturer Intel for abusing its dominant position in the global market for x86 processors, between October 2002 and December 2007, by having applied a strategy to exclude competitors from the market.” But it seems that the lightness, even the complacency with which this case was treated has created an unfortunate backlash for the European Commission. At the end of the appeal that Intel had made on this condemnation, the epilogue of this file was concluded at the beginning of the year almost in the ridiculous with a judgment in the shape of a fishtail for the EU: ” the Commission’s analysis is incomplete and does not allow it to demonstrate to the requisite legal standard that the conditional rebates granted by Intel were capable or likely to produce anticompetitive effects…consequently, the Commission is unable to establish that the applicant’s contested rebates and payments were capable or likely to have anticompetitive effects and therefore constituted an infringement of Article 102 TFEU […] As the Court of First Instance is not in a position to identify the amount of the fine relating solely to the undisguised restrictions, Article 2 of the contested decision must be annulled as a consequence.

After Intel, Qualcomm will also try to wring out the EU

But for Intel, the case could not stop there. The American giant is now asking for nearly 600 million Euros in compensation. However, the damage could not stop there, this situation causing a precedent in other similar cases with the Commission … NB: The European Commission is one of the main institutions of the European Union, with the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament and the European Council.

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