How to lower the temperature of 20°c of a Ryzen 7000?


If you’ve read our review of all the Ryzen 7000s that are coming out, you’ll have noticed that their excellent performance comes at a price, or more accurately, a temperature. In the new lineup, CPUs like the Ryzen 9 7900X and the 7950X get up to very high temperatures. But some will be happy to hear that this problem will revive the interest in the “delid”.

température ryzen 7000
A “miracle” solution to lower the temperature of Ryzen 7000?

Removing the IHS from a CPU is not a neutral operation and apart from losing its warranty, you could also simply damage the processor permanently. However, with a minimum of attention and expert hands, the manipulation can bring big gains. With each generation, do-it-yourselfers try to see if it’s worth the effort. So Der8auer took on AMD’s 7900X to run it in direct die (i.e. without any IHS). After spending quite a bit of time removing the IHS and designing a tool to simplify handling, he ran several simulations to create an aluminum block that works both as a protection and as a CPU mounting / locking system on the socket. He was then able to perform the same tests he had done with this chip, which brought the temperature of the latter beyond 90°c.

Ryzen 7900X temperature: -20°C in Direct Die

After several sessions in Cinebench R20 to fully load the CPU, Roman could see that it only went up to 71/72°c against 91°c with the IHS. We will follow the peregrinations and the evolution of Der8auer’s tools because the method needs to be refined. Indeed, while trying to practice on a 7700X, the success was not there for the poor CPU which unfortunately joined the cemetery of destroyed CPUs…