Forza 135 : Cougar announces a dual tower ventirad !


Cougar completes its offering of Aircooling type ventirad. This time, the series receives a double tower model, the Forza 135. The latter comes in a rather compact format since it measures less than 160 mm in height!

Forza 135: Cougar ‘s dual-tower fume hood, less than 160 mm high!

Cougar Forza 135With this heatsink, Cougar offers us a model in double tower format. The dimensions are 140 (W) x 153 (D) x 160 (H) mm. It should therefore fit into a number of cases without much difficulty. On the other hand, beware of the weight since it rises to 1392 g on the scale!

On the program, we find a rather strong radiator with a structure crossed by many copper heat pipes. We can count no less than seven of them, joining at the level of a nickel-plated copper base. Otherwise, we notice that the lower fins are truncated.

The ventilation is provided by two fans, one in 140 mm, another in 120 mm. Their characteristics are as follows:

  • MHP140-A (140 mm):
    • Operating speed: 500 rpm to 1500 rpm
    • Airflow (max): 72.73 CFM
    • Static pressure (max): 2.11 mmH2O
  • MHP120 (120 mm):
    • Operating speed: from 600 rpm to 2000 rpm
    • Air flow (max): 82.48 CFM
    • Static pressure (max): 4.24 mmH2O

It only remains to mention the compatibility of sockets that takes into account the LGA-2000/1700/1200/115x in Intel. In AMD, we have theAM5/AM4 and the old FMx/+ and AMx/+.

Again, price unknown.

Here is the Cougar data sheet!