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Evolv Shift XT : a new ITX case from Phanteks !


The brand Phanteks announces the arrival of a new case in mini-ITX format. Moreover, this new model is extensible in height, which will allow it to adapt to your needs. Here is the Evolv Shift XT !

Evolv Shift XT : an ITX case that can be extended in height !

For the moment, the detailed characteristics of this model remain unknown. However, we know that it will be able to accommodate mini-ITX motherboards as well as large graphics cards. Indeed, we find three expansion slots and a clearance of 324 mm for this element. Moreover, the case is compartmentalized, which implies the use of a PCIe 4.0 riser already supplied.

However, what interests us most is the ability of this case to “expand”. Indeed, depending on your cooling needs, it will be possible to raise this model to allow the installation of a watercooling radiator at the top for example. However, we don’t know how much space is available for an aircooling fan.

Finally, this model should be permissive regarding the airflow, especially at the level of the graphics card. The panels are perforated and there are filters with an ultra-thin grid to let the machine breathe. Let’s not forget to mention the materials: anodized aluminum 2.5 mm thick for the exterior. In short, this case is really good for us!

We end with the bill which will be 169.90 € with an availability for February 2022.

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