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Corsair to launch gaming laptop


For a few weeks now, we have been hearing about a possible arrival of Corsair in the hardware sector. We’ve noticed that the brand has been wanting to broaden its spectrum for a while by buying other companies/brands but also by venturing into other territories such as monitors. But we didn’t know where Corsair wanted to put its feet…until the last few days. Corsair has decided to participate in the Gaming Laptop War.

Corsair enters the laptop market

But in reality, we had already seen a small piece of this project without being able to completely identify it… At the time we thought we had found the tests of an AMD Ryzen Rembrandt APU in a future AIO PC from Corsair under UserBenchmark, with the strange name of XENOMORPH. The reality is that Corsair is going to enter the gaming laptop market in the next few weeks. If the strength of the brand makes it possible to make sense to enter this field, Corsair will nevertheless position itself on a hell of a battlefield. Even if the future Corsair products will probably have a high-end positioning, it should be remembered that this field, which is expected to grow strongly over the next few years, is the preserve of traditional brands. The latter are used to “accompanying” their presence on the market with comfortable marketing budgets for their distribution networks. These budgets are regularly used to “dummy up” prices by the latter, who then take the cherry on the rest of the range of the said manufacturers. Our sources tell us that announcements could arrive by June but that the products would not be in Europe at first and that it would be necessary to wait for the last quarter for that. The first references could also be exclusively in AMD. Finally, the Corsair laptop would not be an “assembled” product as was marketed by Origin PC…A company bought by Corsair.

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