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Chinese company Innosilicon launches its first graphics cards


We have already talked about the Chinese Innosilicon at the beginning of the month. After presenting its cards, Innosilicon, has just launched on its domestic market its cards based on the Fantasy One GPU. The company revealed more information by giving the specifications of each variant. At a recent event, the company also featured its Fantasy One GPUs in GFXBench. While it’s hard to get an idea of the true potential of these cards, it’s interesting to note that for the first time, a Chinese company manages to launch a GPU-based product in full autonomy.

The company has several versions of its graphics card that it has named type A and type B. Type A Fantasy One graphics cards are intended for the consumer market and workstations, while Type B versions are intended for data centers, cloud computing and AI. The most advanced version, known as Type-B, has two Fantasy One GPUs on the same PCB. For the moment, the performance of the latter seems modest since the figure of 10 TFLOP FP32 is mentioned.

These graphics cards will support a range of APIs, including DirectX, and were seen in Unigine Heaven, a way to show that DirectX technology is properly supported by Fantasy One GPUs. The company doesn’t intend to stop there and has already announced that it is finalizing its future Fantasy 2 and Fantasy 3 GPUs made in China, which will be unveiled in 2022 and will use 5nm etching technology. However, there is still a mystery about the origin of its GPUs, which do not seem to be engraved in China.

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