Arc Alchemist cards at Computex with good prices?


The window of opportunity for Intel to make its mark on the Arc Alchemist desktop GPU market is narrowing. If we believe the latest official communications on the subject, the cards should arrive “late in the second quarter”. In other words, Intel could wait until June to announce its new cards and give them a few months to arrive in the various distribution channels. But since a few hours, another sound is coming back. So will we see the Arc Alchemist at Computex?

Arc Alchemist Computex
Arc Alchemist cards finally presented at Computex?

For Intel, the window of opportunity is closing

Several sources believe that Intel wants to take advantage of Computex and the return to “live” one of the first big tech events since the pandemic. On this occasion, the media coverage could be superior and we expect several announcements from AMD, Asus, IBM, Microsoft, MSI, Nvidia… Intel’s idea would be to announce the Arc A580 and Arc A750 graphics cards and put them on sale in early June. The entry-level Arc A380 would be launched at the end of June and would hit the market in July, while the flagship Arc A780 could show its nose between August and September. While GPU pricing and availability will improve dramatically each week, the challenge for the rookies will also be to have a competitive price point. For now, with performance leaks not allowing for a shake-up of the current offering on the market, Intel would have to have particularly sharp prices to just “exist” in 2022.

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The latest rumors indicate public prices ranging from $150 for the Arc A380 (RX 6500 XT/GTX 1650 type performance) to $350 for the Arc A750 (RX 6600XT/RTX 3060 type performance). A rather interesting positioning because even with the price drop, we still haven’t found cards that are really available at launch prices.