Arc A770: Intel’s big graphics card posted at $329!


The road has been long for Intel and its graphics cards. Nevertheless, the blue giant announced yesterday its Arc A770 in an official way. The price of the card and the launch date are now known.

Arc A770: a price of $329 and a launch on October 12!

Intel Arc A770For the time being, with this card, we should not expect performance worthy of an RTX 4090 or a future RX 7900 XT. No, this is not the purpose of this card, since Intel is focusing on the mid-range (the most lucrative sector). Indeed, the brand seems to be taking on NVIDIA ‘s RTX 3060 based on the graphics released so far by the company. In fact, during the announcement, the blues were talking about performance peaks of up to 65% in RayTracing, still against the 3060.

For this, the card is based on an ACM-G10 GPU offering 32 Xe cores, 512 MXM engine and 4096 FP32 cores. The Limited Edition benefits from a total of 16 GB of GDDR6 based on a 256-bit memory bus. The memory bandwidth reaches 560 GB/s. Finally, the TBP announced is 225W, a value higher than the 170W of an RTX 3060.

We finish with the selling price which is $329. It remains to be seen whether it concerns the Limited Edition version in 16 GB or the normal version in 8 GB. As for the availability, we will have to wait until October 12th!