AORUS B650E Tachyon: future little bomb?


And in any case, the overclocker Hi Cookie, at the bottom of the design of the card does not stop talking about this future motherboard “Tachyon” which will be architected around the chipset AMD B650E. This new chipset has just been announced by AMD but no board has been tested yet. The “Tachyon” series was launched with the Z590 chipset and is intended to be a model for overclockers who run their components under cold conditions, hence the term XOC.

Although we haven’t had a full view of the card yet, we already know that it will have several assets, including a small backplate to replace the original mounting system. This backplate should be included in the AORUS B650 Tachyon bundle.

Also, the BIOS of the AORUS X670E seems to be getting more and more mature and we will test the latest one on the X670E Xtreme this weekend. We have already posted the X670E Master test. Hi Cookie also provided some very interesting information about the role of the different voltages used on the new AMD platform with an AM5 socket and DDR5 support.

CPU_VCORE (CPU Core and integrated GPU voltage supply)
CPU_SOC (CPU system uncore voltage, memory controller (UMC), north bridge IO, SMU, FCH, DF…)
CPU_VDDIO_MEM (CPU memory I/O voltage, and the voltage supplier for VDDP)
CPU VDD_MISC (CPU misc voltage for PCIe, internal clockgen, and most important, VDDG voltage is driven by this voltage)
VDDP (CPU DDR Phy voltage)
VDDG (Global memory interface(GMI) voltage)
Find on its Facebook page the role of each tension.